With September upon us and summer holidays drawing to a close so does the summer season, it’s time to enjoy the last few weeks of warmer weather and prepare the garden for autumn months. Lawn care is our priority and where our expertise lies.

As autumn moves in this is the perfect conditions for heavy scarifying of the lawn. Whilst raking the lawn can be beneficial if done in the right conditions but I have also seen too many occasions where the lawn is turned into an eyesore for a number of weeks. Although this may still reap benefits in the long term, healthy grass can easily become damaged but using the right equipment at the right time of year can produce the benefits without ruining the garden. We offer a professional scarifying service using scarifying equipment designed to cut through soil and remove dead moss and other debris such as dead grass cuttings, allowing the lawn to breathe and encourage healthy growth. Contact us for more information about our scarifying service, it’s the perfect time of year for this lawn treatment.

It’s also the time to pay attention to any patches on the lawn. September has plenty of opportunity still to recover patches and sew new lawns. Providing the conditions are moist, new growth should start to appear in around 10-14 days. Once 2-3 cm high it can be given a light rolling to ensure seedlings are bedded in but avoid heavy rolling, especially in wet conditions, as it can cause the soil to become too compacted. When the grass has established some growth (at least 2.5 cm) it can be have its first cut, make sure excess mowing’s are removed to prevent disease setting in. It’s not too late to apply fertiliser after a cut but be careful on how you distribute on the lawn. Apply evenly (although shady areas may need less) and follow the instructions, too much can burn the lawn and create brown patches. Our experienced team can help you to recover any problem areas, contact us with any lawn related enquiries for a free, no obligation quote.

Weeding is a task your garden will benefit from at this time of year and we can help you keep on top of. Weed growth will have started to slow down so it’s a good time to tackle these and get things in shape. A thorough weeding now should hold off excessive growth until next spring, although in wet weather cleared ground can encourage weed re-growth. Keep up with deadheading where needed. On areas such as borders, growing beds and gravel paths use a hoe and then rake of the hoed weeds until the area is cleared. Soil in beds and borders can become compacted at this time of year so the surface may need to be lightly forked to improve drainage.

It’s also time to plant any spring bedding plants to give them chance to take root and, depending on autumn temperatures and plant type. Many plants will sleep during winter and don’t flower until the warmer temperatures come in spring, but plants such as pansies and wallflowers stand a chance of an autumn flower if bedded early. It’s also a good time to snip back any excessive growth on privets, climbers and creepers and remove from any fences, walls and windows to keep under control. Use secateurs to cut around windows to create a tidy line. Keep an eye on the weather forecast throughout September, while we hope for more sunny days ahead as autumn approcahes, once frosty nights set in consider any indoor plants that may need returning from their holiday home or an extended vacation into the greenhouse.

We offer services for residential and commercial clients, contact us for any gardening queries, we offer a free, no obligation quote and a fast and friendly service.