While we are all adjusting to our new ways of living during the coronavirus lockdown, many of you will now be spending more time at home and our gardens have become more important to us than ever. April so far has given us lots of sunshine, blue skies and higher than average temperatures for the time of year. The good news is that we can still get outside and enjoy the garden. You may be taking this time as an opportunity to catch up on some gardening tasks and give your garden a little extra TLC. Maybe it’s time to get those extra jobs done that you’ve been putting off because you haven’t had the time or were waiting for sunnier days. Now most of us have enjoyed a bit more of both recently and are embracing our outside spaces.

So, how’s your lawn coming on? A lush green lawn provides a focal point in the garden that compliments flower beds and borders. It’s also the perfect place for relaxing and enjoying the garden whether it’s playing games with the kids, having a picnic or barbecue, relaxing with a book or simply soaking up the sun. To keep your lawn in top condition, you should be mow regularly from March onwards throughout the spring and summer season. Keeping up on mowing not only improves the general condition of your lawn, but also prevents a build-up of weeds. Spring is a good time to apply fertiliser if your lawn needs a bit of extra attention to help it stay healthy. Scarify the lawn to remove weeds and debris and treat any dead patches with a scattering of grass seeds. If the dry weather continues you should ensure the lawn receives some water each 7-10 days to prevent the soil from drying out.

The recent lockdown measures may mean that you are unable to, or have limited access to vital supplies, whether gardening tools or other products. The Lawn Rangers are still providing our garden services to ensure you can look after your garden and make the most of it during this difficult time. The safety of our customers is important to us and we assure you we are offering a non-contact service while we carry out our work at your property.

Why not use this opportunity to have a go at growing your own fruit or veg? It’s not too late for sowing and planting and many will crop in a short amount of time. Packs of seeds are available in many supermarkets and to order online. Peas and carrots can be grown outside as the temperatures increase whereas courgettes, chillies and tomatoes may still need the shelter of a greenhouse or windowsill. Beetroot is easy to grow and can be grown in soil or containers, therefore a good choice for beginners. Whatever you choose, follow the simple instructions provided on the packets for when and how to grow and crop. It’s also an ideal time to plant perennial herbs and flowers to brighten up your garden.

Whatever your needs, if you have a project in mind or just want a general spruce up of your outside space or lawn, get in touch with us for a no obligation quote. Contact 07475 775 525
We offer services to residential and business customers. We look forward to hearing from you.

We hope you continue to enjoy your gardens and the weather, let’s hope it continues to improve. Take care and stay safe.