Continuing from our last blog, we may have been a bit optimistic expecting gardens in full bloom due to the summer sun, but actually temperatures are just under average for this time of year.

The early sun in February and random bursts of hot spells have still helped for gardens to come on and the recent rainfall should set all the right conditions for gardens to flourish. In fact, you may notice that your lawns and shrubs are soon overgrown in these conditions, make sure you keep on top of mowing the lawn and weeding as they can soon get out of control.

Stay ahead of weeds, pull them before they flower or you run the risk of new weeds spreading. Keep on deadheading to allow flowers to re-bloom and shear back any annuals that are spent by about a third by mid-summer to encourage new growth for the next season. If you have summer flowering shrubs, prune once the blossom fades so the plants can store energy rather than develop seed.

If your lawn is looking pale it might be time to give it a treatment of feeding, weeding and seeding. It is important that you have the right conditions for each of these. Feeding and weeding are best in moisture or if rain is due. If you sow seed in dry periods ensure that you water your lawn well regularly with a sprinkler or hosepipe.

Ideally, lawns should be mowed 1 – 2 times per week at this time of year. If you are one of our regular customers it’s likely we’ll be keeping on top of this for you already but if you’re new to us, get in touch with your garden needs and we will be happy to help you keep your garden at its best so you can spend time enjoying it.

Maybe you are a local business that needs the leaves clearing from the entrance to your premises or from other outdoor areas due to recent windy spells. We understand that first impressions count with clients and the exterior of your premises can be as important as the interior and product as part of the overall service provided.

We offer our full range of services to both commercial and residential customers including maintaining schools, offices, flats, retail outlets and all other premises considered.

Have a Happy Summer Manchester!

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