So as the summer solstice passed us on 21 st June with the longest day of daylight of the year, we’re not quite ready for Hawaiian shirts and flip flops just yet still, July is still often one of the hottest months of the year and a beautiful time to sit outside and enjoy your garden. If you’ve been following our tips for deadheading regularly you’ll still be enjoying a display of blooms. Plants (especially new plants) should be kept well-watered, but the weather has been helping us along with that. Weeds can thrive in wet conditions so ensure that you are keeping up on top of weeding when you have the time during drier periods. Collect seed heads from dandelion and other weeds before they get chance to release their seeds and spread across you garden.

Algae and blanket weeds can be rife in these warm and moist conditions, although it tends to be worse during sunny weather. This can be a major problem when trying to enjoy outdoor ponds and water features as algae causes water to be discoloured and unsightly, leaving green scum around edges. Algae is quick to spread, particularly in areas lacking shade, and it could also harm any aquatic life. Pond debris, such as fallen leaves and pond weeds can contribute to the problem. Some may be fairly easy to remove by pulling directly from water or twirling and tugging out using a stick or cane. Leave in a pile for a while once collected to allow any displaced creatures chance to return to their habitat. A liquid barley straw and related treatments are available from garden centres and can help to keep algae under control and discourage growth. If it’s too much to tackle, let us know and we’ll be happy to assist. Once under control, consider preventative action and treatments to prevent re-occurrence.

Some tips and jobs for your gardening checklist at this time of year include; water the soil around the base of your plants rather than the foliage. Direct the water to the root of the plant where it is needed. Regularly turn compost bins to ensure it is well aeriated. As mentioned in previous blogs, keep checking for aphids on the underside of leaves and remove to prevent them multiplying and becoming a problem. Prevent slugs from attacking your plants by using pest control. Make sure you consider children and pets when selecting the right product.

When considering lawn care, make sure the lawn is watered during hot spells, especially for newly turfed or seeded lawns. Don’t allow new lawns to dry out. This is also an ideal time for feeding your lawn with fertiliser to encourage healthy growth. It’s not just managing the growth in your garden that may be your focus right now. Having time to cast a keen eye over your garden and pondering over the space presents a perfect opportunity for you to plan for improvements and envisage additions you have been mulling over for a while. Been meaning to jet wash the patio? Are you thinking of making better use of a space? Maybe the kids or the dog have ruined your lawn and you’ve been meaning to get round to having it turfed. Perhaps you’ve been considering ways to add colour to your garden with some paving or adding style to your path with a tiled design. You can be sure to rely on us, the speed and quality of our work is top notch, that’s why our reputation is growing day by day.

Check out some of our before and after pictures and ask your friends what we did for their garden. Whatever it is your thinking about, let us know and we can help you to realise your vision.